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Vnotch App

iPhone app for V Notch Weir Calculations

water bore drilling water mapping and V notch Weir

VNotch Support

Vnotch calculates flow rates in either Metric, U.S. Customary Units or Imperial Units for fully contracted weirs.  

Select the units to be used, ensure the V Notch Angle matches angle on the weir. 

Enter the head height in either millimetres or inches depending on unit set selected. 

The result will be given in litres per second and per hour, U.S. gallons per second and per hour and Imperial gallons per second and per hour.

VNotch Weir

Privacy Policy

Groundwater Technology does not collect any data from this app, all data is stored locally on the device and is only available on that device. Groundwater Technology has no access to this data and cannot restore data which has been lost or deleted. This app is not intended for the storage of business critical data.

water bore drillers & groundwater mapping
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