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Welcome to Groundwater Technology

We can help you find groundwater

Groundwater technology uses the latest geophysical techniques to identify groundwater on your property.

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What We Do

Groundwater Technology was established to help landowners solve a simple problem. 
Where should we place a Water Bore? 
When mapping a property we identify the best location for your bore, using SeismoElectric Geophysics. 

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What is Seismoelectric Surveying

Put simply, seismoelectric surveying works by using a surface sound source to send a pressure wave through the ground. The resulting pressure wave displaces the water which is contained in the pore spaces in the rock. As the water is displaced, free ions are moved with the water disturbing the electromagnetic field. This disturbance propagates to the surface at the speed of light and is detected by the antenna array. The resulting signal producing a Vertical Seismo-Electric Profile is then processed and interpreted to identify the following characteristics; 

  • Depth down to approximately 450m

  • Layer Thickness

  • Porosity

  • Permeability

  • Salinity


Our Services

Geophysical Groundwater Surveying

All surveys will include a desktop study prior to the site visit, this desktop study will be used to plan the survey and will be provided along with your report. Please call or email to discuss your project and what your need.

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Small Properties


This service is intended for small properties up to 1 hectare. A number of vertical profiles will be performed and evaluated to identify the best locations for placing your bore. A simple report will be provided. 



This service is for the property under 6 hectares. Vertical profiles will be performed and evaluated to identify the best locations for your bore. 2d sections will be provided with the report.

Larger Properties, Irrigation bore location


Please call or email to discuss your needs with us. We can tailor our survey plan to match your requirements.  
This can include providing 2d section and 3d models of the subsurface to optimise bore placement.

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