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water bore drilling and water divining victoria

Helping You Maximise Your Return In Finding Groundwater

Groundwater technology uses the latest geophysical techniques to identify groundwater on your property.

We will help you find groundwater

Groundwater mapping is the process of undertaking geophysical measurements to identify the depth to and yield of groundwater bearing strata on your property. 

Know where to drill with the best possible outcome. 

Groundwater Mapping will help you avoid drilling costly bore holes that do not produce any water, saving time and money in the long run. A failed bore can easily cost thousands of dollars, 

We can also provide advice as well as data interpretation services if required.


We are always happy to answer any questions or queries that may arise during our consultation process so please don’t hesitate in contacting us today!

The Groundwater Tech team is your partner in finding the best spot for drilling a bore hole.


Know where to drill with confidence and avoid costly wasted time or money on future projects!

Groundwater Mapping provides detailed information about soil types, rock formations below ground level - even depths of water that lie within each sandstone layer type--to help you make more informed decisions when planning out new excavation needs  or digging up an existing well site.  

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