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water bore drilling & groundwater mapping victoria

What is Groundwater Mapping?

How does Groundwater Technology conduct the groundwater mapping?

Groundwater Technology uses SeismoElectric Surveying to perform the survey, we take a series of vertical soundings across the property or area of interest. This information is then examined it identify the groundwater bearing zones, then combined into an integrated map of the area of interest or vertical sections showing the groundwater bearing strata along a line of interest. We also make use of publicly available data and calibration well data if available to provide the best results for our client prior to any drilling taking place. 

Know where to drill with the best possible outcome. 


Utilising SeismoElectric Surveying we can help minimise the frustration and expense of drilling bores and finding no water.

 With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we will provide you with an accurate map that shows exactly what lies beneath your feet so you can make informed decisions about how best to proceed. 

Groundwater mapping is not only cost effective but also environmentally friendly as it reduces unnecessary drilling, saving you time, money and frustration. 

seismoelectric surveying

What is Seismoelectric Surveying

SeismoElectric Surveying is a geophysical technique which uses a surface sound source to generate a seismic wave.


This seismic wave then passes through the soil and rock, as it does so it causes dilation of the rock and soil, where permeability and water are present the dilation causes a displacement of the rock relative to the water and a separation of the surface located electrical charge.

water bore drilling and water divining victoria
water bore drilling & groundwater mapping victoria

This charge separation induces an electrical current to flow, which produces an electromagnetic wave.


This wave then travels back towards the surface at the speed of light where it is measured by a ground antenna array.

The resulting signal producing a Vertical Seismo-Electric Profile is then processed and interpreted to identify the following characteristics; 

  • Depth down to approximately 450m

  • Layer Thickness

  • Porosity

  • Permeability

  • Salinity

The results are then interpreted for depth and yield by the

Groundwater Tech team who provide a report to  identify the best locations for placing your bore.

water bore drilling & groundwater mapping victoria

With Groundwater Mapping, you'll be able to drill bore holes that are optimal for your needs.


Our System is designed so the best location of all available drilling sites will produce water—helping save time and money in this tough economic climate!

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