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water bore drilling & groundwater mapping victoria

Welcome to Groundwater Technology

Groundwater technology uses the latest geophysical techniques to identify groundwater on your property.

How to Find Bore Water on Your Property the First Time

We will help you find groundwater

Groundwater Technology was established to help landowners solve a simple problem. 

Where should we place a Water Bore? 

When mapping a property we identify the best location for your bore by using the latest geophysical techniques to identify groundwater on your property.

Helping you save valuable time, money and the environment

How to find Bore water on your property 

Our technology tells you where to drill your bore before your start

Drill with confidence and get more water from every hole

What is Groundwater Mapping?

Groundwater Mapping is a way of using Geophysical Techniques to identify groundwater resources before drilling.


Existing information such as geological maps and interpretations are combined with data gathered on the property to produce a map which guides the landowner towards the best locations for a new bore.


This map will take the guess work out of bore placement, it reduces your risks of drilling a dry hole or one which does not meet your objectives.

water bore drillers & groundwater mapping for agriculture


how to find a bore on your property groundwater mapping


water bore drilling and water divining victoria


Effective use of groundwater can enhance your property, you can use groundwater for crop and pasture irrigation, increasing yield and improving profitability.


Groundwater can supplement river abstraction or even replace it for improved reliability of supply.


Stock and domestic users will also benefit from groundwater mapping by reducing the amount of drilling required to deliver a suitable groundwater supply. 

How we help minimise your risk of drilling a dry bore?

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